Most of these drawings were created in my spare time for funsies. Others were client requests. I mostly draw using Adobe Animate. I plan to expand my abilities with iPad Procreate and Clip Studio Paint Pro.


Digital illustration of the planets

Some of these logo designs were client requests for local schools and businesses. Others were submissions to win bids. Some are also, of course, for funsies. I mainly used Adobe Animate to create my logo designs.


Logo for AIM Human Performance

My bachelor's degree is in photography. I discovered my love for it and made the switch in majors while working on the completion of my required graphic design courses. I am a big fan of landscape photography as well as candid portraiture. When they can be in black and white...ah, even better.


Photograph taken in Ireland of the Ring of Kerry

I hope traditional print art doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Some of my favorite college courses were in printmaking. I enjoy crafting a personal card or invitation here and there, as well as making book covers and promotional signs. I also like the challenge of composition, color and typography.


These are samples of various graphics I've created over the years that have been used by clients and companies that I have worked for. These assets include iconography, graphs, interfaces, and infographics. I mainly used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.



What a fantastic opportunity I stumbled upon back in 2013. What was originally a one book contract job has now evolved into a seven year+ contract including thirteen books illustrated plus printable reproducible graphics and illustrations for young children's classroom materials. 


Drawing of a young girl with a tub of toys

I really enjoy making 2D animations. There is a lot that can be done with Adobe Animate (formerly Adobe Flash), and I have been using it since 1999. By studying traditional animation methods as well as furthering my skills digitally, I truly look forward to making many more quick animations especially when requested to do so.


Still image an animation of an illustrated cat

My favorite day of the year is Halloween and I've looked forward to carving my yearly pumpkin(s) ever since I was little. I keep my pumpkins relatively simple akin to how I prefer to draw in 2D rather than 3D. I started getting into cake decorating as soon as I had my kids. Unfortunately, they've grown up much too quickly and no longer require special birthday magic.


Batman from the animated series drawn onto a cake using frosting