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Aw, shucks

Some really nice people and colleagues have had some truly nice things to say about me. I am extremely grateful for all of my past work and job experiences. I am especially grateful for the wonderful people and friends I've made along my long and opportunistic journey.

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Lydia Carlis, PhD
Director of Education | Chief of Research & Innovation

We have had the pleasure to work with Peggy on several of our children's book projects, including two of my own books for which I quite selfishly requested her :-). On each project, I have been tremendously impressed with the quality and visual interest of her work, attention to detail, and timeliness.

Because we are engaging authors and illustrators from across the country and sometimes across the world, strong written communication and self-direction are essential. Peggy does amazing work with minimal direction, and is lightning fast and responsive with any requested edits. Peggy's professionalism and work ethic make her a valued member of our virtual illustrator team!

Our work is focused on closing the achievement gap for children, using high quality, engaging fiction and informational texts as a foundation. To do this, we need fun and interesting realistic fiction and illustrated nonfiction that embeds rich vocabulary and complex concepts in a developmentally appropriate fashion to reach our target audience of 3 and 4-year olds. If you know anything about that age, they can be a tough audience :-). Peggy's illustrations are always a draw, and she complements and enhances any text with which she works.

I enthusiastically recommend Peggy for her ability to work independently and with minimal direction, her responsiveness to feedback, and, of course, her beautiful work!

Felicia Truong
Director of Curriculum and Content 

I have had the pleasure of working with Peggy Ricks since early 2014, shortly after she began graphic design work for AppleTree Institute. Our children's book development program is non-traditional, focused on wrapping content around the needs of early learning standards, while making them high engaging and diverse, inside and out. Initially, Peggy provided us, as requested, "traditional" graphic design content, representing diverse backgrounds. Her most recent projects branched out and began to include multi-media approach. She has integrated real images into her graphic work seamlessly, to provide three- and four-year-old children with non-fiction books that straddle the line perfectly between standard non-fiction and graphic narrative. These books will allow us to gradually introduce young children to nonfiction text features, to better prepare them for the academic tasks ahead! This means Peggy not only has to consider how her work represents the text, but how the text will fit into and interact with her illustration design and layout.

Peggy's books are visual appealing and engaging. In fact, her books are some of our program favorites overall. I look forward to continuing to work with her and see her craft grow!

Joshua Miller
Art Director

I have had the good fortune to work with Peggy as both a colleague and a supervisor. Years ago, I worked with her on a series of extremely extensive and deadline driven projects. She handled her projects beautifully and skillfully. She was able to complete her own graphics while efficiently managing and mentoring other artist on her team. When I became an art director at my current job, and needed help with overflow work, Peggy was the first person I called. She was a tremendous help and was somehow able to sort through and organize an insanely large, complicated, and disorganized project. The project consisted of modifying old videos and making corrections, often on a frame by frame basis. There were hundreds of changes to be made and categorized, and not a lot of time in which to complete the project. Peggy came through, as always, with flying colors. Any time I have overflow work, or a tight deadline, Peggy is the first person I call.

John Low
Chief Creative Officer 

Peggy is an incredibly capable digital artist. She combines an attention to detail, speed and talent to consistently deliver high quality work under tight deadlines and budgets. In addition to a strong aesthetic sensibility and competence with the tool-set, Peggy is an effective project lead. She is capable of directing the work of multiple artists while still personally contributing to the media development effort. Peggy is star player on every project she gets involved in.

Ruth Glorioso
Production Manager 

Peggy manages her projects from start to finish with enthusiasm, focus and extreme professionalism. She has an artist's eye, heart and soul and this can be seen in the finished product. She cares about her work and strives to never disappoint her employer or a customer.

Darrell Midgette
Senior Designer

Peggy Ricks is an exceptionally talented and committed designer. While the time at DIVX was brief, it required an ability to master many disciplines at once, and to do so on an extraordinarily tight deadline. Peggy was an exemplary asset to the company, and her skills and abilities have only continued to grow. If I were tasked with starting a similar group again, Peggy would be one of the first people I would recruit to my team. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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